Get together with us on Zoom

The last few months have been challenging and unsettling for everyone as we have had to adapt to different ways of living and working.

One of the positives to come out of the situation has been the advances in video calling as people needed to keep in touch with friends and family.

At Polymark we have also noticed that there are some benefits to video conferencing

  • A more personal touch and opportunity to form more personal business relationships
  • Easier to understand and discuss customer requirements
  • Easier to visually explain products and solutions
  • Less abrupt than emails and more efficient to conclude a subject in one conversation without waiting
  • Ability to include other colleagues when required.
  • Less requirement to travel
  • No need to wear a mask!

All of our customer service team are set up with their own zoom account and necessary equipment.

We would be happy to connect with you… simply request a video meeting on our contact form at and we will get back to you with a convenient date and time and the best person to help you.

The Polymark team looks forward to meeting you.

James Clementson 

Polymark Group CEO

Get together with us on Zoom